Ocean Blue Pendant

ocean blue pendant

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Launch your own epic love story

Bring home 27-carats of pure blue brilliance!

The truth is, the Titanic never sank. It has been floating in our collective unconscious for a century, never far from our thoughts. Generations separate us from the event, but still we feel tethered to the lives on board, to the families that were separated, to the hopeful couples who were celebrating their honeymoons on that trans-Atlantic voyage.

April 15th, 2012, marked the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s unfortunate end. And in true Hollywood style, a certain blockbuster was re-released to commemorate the event. But at Stauer, we decided to honor the ship’s history-making cruise with a brilliant, icy blue stunner we call the Ocean Blue Pendant!

The R.M.S. Titanic was a massive ship, as long as the Empire State building is tall. And it enjoyed massive hype as it left port. So to properly honor its maiden voyage, we had to launch something truly epic. Our Ocean Blue Pendant features a faceted 27-carat heart that sparkles with a cool blue like the shimmering surface of the sea. Surrounding the heart are 35 brilliant lab-created DiamondAura® rounds that flash with more fire than mined white diamonds. The setting displays impressive scrolled silverwork, the bail is adorned with its own DiamondAura knockout, and the entire piece hangs from an elegant 20" silk cord necklace.

This is your chance to prove that your relationship is truly unsinkable.

  • 28 carats total weight
  • Free DiamondAura Studs included
  • 20” black silk cord
  • (1)Heart shaped lab created blue spinel
  • ~(45) round lab created DiamondAura
  • Tarnish Free Sterling silver

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The Captain of Her Heart

Presented this to my wife on Christmas and she thought I was joking! Titanic, being one of her all time favorite love stories, she herself had her eyes set on such a necklace. However, the ones produced by other companies lacked one thing: they didn''t look anything like the one everyone has grown to admire and covet. Plus they wanted such a ridiculous premium that the thought was wiped from existance. Years passed and this was on the front page of my stauer catalog when I was getting the mail one day. I quickly hid the catalog from my wife so she wouldn''t see it. I knew I had to get it and so I did. This is the "absolute closest" piece that I''ve ever come across in years bearing a striking identical resemblance to the original. This was the last thing she opened Christmas morning but the first thing she showed off to her family later that evening at dinner.

D F.

St. Louis