Parisiene Fluorite Necklace

Parisiene Fluorite Necklace

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The Paris Proposal: Part II

One necklace, two people and the City of Lights...

Dear Stauer,

Gay Paree is just as romantic as you’ve heard. Every alleyway is charming, every street a work of art. When my wife and I first went we were kids straight out of college. What we didn’t have in the way of money we made up for in love. I proposed to her on a bridge overlooking the Seine.

We came back for our twenty-fifth anniversary, just as much in love, but better off financially. We dined at the finest restaurants, went to the opera, and got around as best we could with our pitiful French. Coming home one night, we passed a storefront that absolutely took our breath away. The shop was showcasing the work of an artisanal jeweler. The pieces we saw shimmered in the night and seemed to have a soul of their own.

When we got back to the hotel, I waited for her to go to sleep then dashed back to the store to purchase this Parisiene Fluorite Necklace. With its exquisite coloring and shape, I knew my wife would love it. The design makes the gemstones look like exotic shells and bring out the vibrant nature of the fluorite. Modern and chic, this unique exclusive necklace is a work of art.

On the last day of our trip, we recreated the night I proposed. Dinner on the Left Bank, a carriage ride through the streets, and finally, our favorite bridge. When I gave her the necklace, she burst into tears, and we vowed that we would return for our fiftieth.

  • 18” length
  • 100 grams
  • 14K gold color plated brass spacers
  • Bean Clasp
  • 300 caratstotal weight

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