Pendula DiamondAura Necklace

pendula diamondaura necklace

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The power of suggestion

On the right night, in the right light, this necklace can leave an entire room speechless. I’ve seen it happen. It sparkles and swings and draws the attention of every single eye in the room. Next thing you know, the crowd is locked in a hypnotic trance. Men are drawn to it like moths to a flame. Even the women swoon.

What’s the secret? You could say it has magical powers. But not the old wizards-and-witches-hocus-pocus. No, this Pendula DiamondAura® Necklace was born from science, not sorcery. Each of the gleaming beauties set in sterling silver and plated in platinum, is a lab-created DiamondAura masterpiece, crafted to outshine the world’s most beautiful natural diamonds. And it takes more than the wave of a magic wand to make them appear. The process for creating them is exhaustive and requires ridiculously expensive equipment. But as you can see, the end result is nothing short of spectacular.

Each brilliant round sparkles with more fire than a D-flawless white diamond… for a fraction of the price. DiamondAura is made for those who value beauty over bragging rights. And this stunning necklace is the fastest way to fall under its spell!

  • 1 1/3 carats total weight
  • Tarnish Free Sterling Silver
  • (48) 1.2mm round labcreated DiamondAura
  • (8) 1.75mm round lab created DiamondAura
  • (8) 2.0mm roundlab created DiamondAura
  • (8) 2.5mm round lab created DiamondAura
  • (1) 4.5mm roundlab created DiamondAura
  • (16) 4mm x 2mm marquise cut lab created DiamondAura
  • 1¼” drop
  • 20mm diameter
  • 8.86mm thick
  • 18” length with a 2” extender
  • Spring ringclasp

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