Peridot Sunburst Necklace

peridot sunburst necklace

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Is this the Most Dangerous Necklace in History?

You have to feel sorry for Cleopatra. Her passion for rare green gems was legendary. But finding them was hard (and dangerous work). Bringing home a necklace like this meant sending her soldiers around the world. Few would return. Success was not guaranteed.

Today, you have us. And we’ve made it much easier to bring home this ancient treasure. One "click" gets you the Peridot Sunburst Necklace,over 3-carats of gorgeous, glittering green set in .925 sterling silver! Unless of course, you’d prefer to do things the old-fashioned way...

Shopping on the "Isle of Serpents." Zagbargad was a remote volcanic island in the Red Sea, shrouded in fog, surrounded by jagged reefs and overrun with serpents. But it was the only place on the planet to find the mysterious green stones known as peridot. Cleopatra wanted them... all of them. And when it came to pleasing the queen, there was no room for cowards.

A luxury legend is reborn. Egyptian sailors dubbed peridot "Emerald of the Evening" for its ability to shimmer in the moonlight. Its mysterious beauty was hailed through history. And part of what makes the stone so special is that it naturally occurs in only one color: a radiant and gorgeous green. This necklace captures that rare and remarkable hue in an elegant corsage of marquise-cut peridot. We've arranged all 18 gems in a blossom of fiery facets that ignite brilliantly in any light!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Odds are that you’ll fall in love with the Peridot Sunburst Necklace. But if for some reason you don’t, just send it back within 30 days for a complete refund of your purchase price. Only Stauer can transform the "Most Dangerous Necklace in History" into the "Safest Bet in Luxury Jewelry." Cleopatra would be green with envy!

  • Tarnish Free Sterling Silver
  • (18) 5mm x 3mm Pear cut Peridot
  • 3 5/8 carats total weight
  • 18” rope chain
  • Spring ring clasp

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