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We've updated the oldest trick in the book

Genuine Balinese silverwork and Mother of Pearl

Right now there's a stranger in Kansas City who deserves your gratitude. After all, he's the guy who wrote that romantic stuff on the inside of her card. She read it. She loved it. You became her Valentine's Day hero.

That's the oldest trick in the book, using someone else's words to stand in for your own. Except it's not a trick, because the sentiment is real. You truly love her; you just need help expressing it. Shakespeare, Baudelaire and Sinatra make it look easy. For the rest of us, putting our feelings into poetry is next to impossible. But sometimes, you don't need words.

In fact, words can get in the way. That's why we suggest that you let the Pura Mother of Pearl Collection do all the talking. Each is a handcrafted wonder of Balinese silverwork, created using the ancient techniques of the island's most talented artisans. The delicate scrolls, beading and rope work in fine .925 sterling silver provide an exquisite frame for the opulent centerpiece.

Each iridescent Mother of Pearl cabochon shimmers like a rainbow in the snow. The color and light comes alive from every angle. When this simple, pure beauty meets the ornate silver design, it conjures memories of an old-fashioned Victorian romance. The highlight of this ring is a massive smooth oval of Indonesian Mother of Pearl. The light ignites flashes of color with every movement of her hand.

Think of each piece as a line in a poem, a snippet of a sonnet or a lyric of a love song. This collection is brilliance meant to be borrowed. Update your bag of tricks. Reap the romantic rewards. And show her exactly how you feel without ever saying a word.

  • Available in sizes 5 -10
  • Artisan crafted
  • Sterling silver Filigree
  • (1) 15mm x20mm oval mother of pearl

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