rialto murano glass necklace

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A glass from the past

Wearing the Rialto Murano Glass Collection is like crossing a bridge through time

"Don't blink." That was his advice as we entered the workshop. We walked in and the master was already at work. "Don't blink," his apprentice said again. And as the master pulled a lump of redhot glass from the furnace, I saw why. Each piece that came from the fire was molten for mere seconds. During those fleeting moments he formed it into something beautiful. And if I had looked away, I might have missed what I came to see—the creation of genuine Murano glass like the beads in our 23" (plus 2" extender) Rialto Necklace.

Working gracefully at a staggering speed, the legendary Venetian glass masters pull and twist, turn and blow, gently manipulating the glass into objects of beauty right before your eyes. Their techniques haven't changed since the 1300s, making this craft one of the oldest surviving art forms on the planet. Murano is a series of tiny islands connected by bridges, so it's appropriate that there should be such a connection with history. The creation of Murano glass is, in and of itself, a bridge to the past. And each bead in this necklace is a link to that tradition. Each olive-shaped bead is unique, swirled with gold foil and enamels to produce a stunning symphony of color when strung together. Every piece in the Rialto Collection is a work of ancient Italian art that looks as modern as ever. Handmade in Venice.

  • Murano Glass
  • Hand Made in Italy
  • 23” long with 2” extender
  • Gold plated LobsterClaw Clasp
  • 1 ½ oz weight

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