Royal Palace DiamondAura Pendants  (Set of 4)

royal palace diamondaura pendants (set of 4)

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How to tell off Mrs. Tuttle

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For years, Mrs. Tuttle’s party for the local well-to-do has been the social highlight. Black ties, beautiful gowns and attractive people rubbing elbows with a smile. Last year, Mrs. Tuttle expressed disappointment with our lack of frills by calling our taste... simple.  But this year was different. This was the year I wanted my wife not just to show up, but to standout. That’s why I got her this stunning Royal Palace DiamondAura Pendant Set.

Each of these 4 pendants showcase nearly 2 ½ -carats of DiamondAura® that has more sparkle and fire than that of natural mined diamonds. The breathtaking centers feature either a white, yellow, pink or pruple pear-cut DiamondAura of over 1 ½ -carats surrounded by 25 DiamondAura rounds. This year, we let these standout pendants tell Mrs. Tuttle what we think of “simple.” This year, we tell off Mrs. Tuttle.

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