Ruby & Emerald Palazzo Earrings

ruby & emerald palazzo earrings

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The cornerstones of romance

How do you build a relationship that lasts? Everyone you ask will give a different answer. Some say you do it with love, honesty and communication. Others will say it's with passion, spontaneity and a sense of humor. We believe the secret is a strong foundation. And the strength of that foundation depends on choosing the right cornerstones. Over the years we've found that it's hard to go wrong when you start with rubies and emeralds.

Not coincidentally our inspiration for the Ruby & Emerald Palazzo Collection came from a master of classic construction. Andrea Palladio is considered one of the most important names in Western architecture. You can still visit his villas and palaces in Venice, where they stand as beautiful today as when they first took shape in the 16th century. A former stonecutter himself, Palladio would have appreciated our timeless and artful arrangement of precious stones that stays true to the romantic style of the Italian Renaissance.

The Palazzo Earrings showcase spectacular 4-carat rubies as a centerpiece, set in antique-finished .925 sterling silver and surrounded by sparkling, lab-created DiamondAura® rounds. Each post-back earring is topped with a half-dozen shimmering white DiamondAura rounds and a vivid, verdant natural emerald. A perfect balance of 16th-century style and sophistication.

  • 15.3mm wide
  • 26mm drop
  • 19 gram weight
  • 8 1/10 carats total weight
  • (2) 9mm x 11mmemerald cut color enhanced ruby
  • (2) 2mm round color enhanced emerald
  • Post Back
  • Gold fused accents over sterling silver

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