Sapphire & Diamond<em>Aura</em>® Patriot Earrings

Sapphire & DiamondAura® Patriot Earrings

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Sapphire-spangled banner

When it comes to symbols that stir the heart, you can't beat the American flag. The feeling you get watching one hoisted up against a clear blue sky? The lump in your throat that rises at the sight of it during times of triumph or tragedy? That's just proof that our Founding Fathers had the right idea. And when it comes to reimagining the red, white and blue... it's hard to improve on perfection.

The iconic needlework of Betsy Ross has served proudly as the symbol of the United States for more than 230 years. So instead of going back to the drawing board, we asked our designer to return to the workbench and make our grand old flag even grander. The result is an eye-catching earring that blends precious gems and patriotism for a fashion statement that never goes out of style.

Our spectacular Sapphire & DiamondAura® Patriot Earrings showcase a luxurious new look for Old Glory. The American flag is captured in gold-fused sterling silver, with hand-enameled red stripes that unfurl with the elegant flow of the "fabric." You can almost hear the material snapping in the brisk wind. The crowning achievement is a sparkling field of stars, composed of genuine, round-cut blue sapphires (3/5 ctw) and brilliant, lab-created DiamondAura. Added detail includes the intricate braided rope and polished flagpole, topped with a smooth sapphire cabochon. An exquisite piece that shows "every heart beats true, beneath the red, white and blue."

  • 2/3 carats total weight
  • Gold Plated
  • French hook
  • Red enameled Stripes
  • (12)1.25mm round Lab created DiamondAura
  • (12) 1.5mm round genuine blue sapphire

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