Saxony Green Necklace

Saxony Green Necklace

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Tourist "borrows" world famous diamond

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Not long ago, I walked out of a famous German museum with one of Europe's most precious stones in my pocket. Nobody stopped me at the exit. They never patted me down. Even if they did, they probably wouldn't have found the 40-carat Dresden Green Diamond. I've been doing this sort of thing for a while. I've become quite good.

I made it through airport security without a problem. And I even pulled it out during the flight to admire my handiwork. Nobody around me had a clue. Realistically, the news of my "heist" should have been all over the news. I should have been arrested the second we landed in the United States. But the problem was, I didn't steal anything. The legendary Dresden Green Diamond wasn't missing. I never touched it.

But I did sketch it on the back of my museum program. My artwork wasn't pretty, but I knew the necklace would be a knockout. I wanted to see a big green stone inside a new modern setting, a glittering lasso of brilliant white rounds. Our spectacular Saxony Green Lab-Spinel Necklace was inspired by the recent makeover of the Dresden Green's "sister stone," the Hope Diamond. Keepers of that historic gem gave the classic blue beauty a fancy new (and temporary) wardrobe. I thought the old green goddess deserved some revamping of her own.

The original Dresden Green is one of the rarest diamonds in the world, a magnificent example of fancy color, clarity and carat weight. Our Saxony Green Lab-Spinel Necklace showcases a pale green, lab-created, hand-faceted spinel, created using a complex process that duplicates the conditions in which gemstones form in nature. Using intense heat and pressure--carefully controlled inside the laboratory--we've recreated a gorgeous giant worthy of a second look. I even requested a favor from our talented gem cutters, asking them to duplicate the facets of the original. I dare say they did the Old Masters one better.

The centerpiece is a 38-carat, pear-cut lab-spinel that shimmers with vivid green hues. The elegant pendant setting cradles the large stone and features 110 lab-created DiamondAura® rounds (over 1 full carat) hand-set in fine .925 sterling silver. The pendant dangles artfully from an 18" sterling chain. We've captured the luxurious look of legend without breaking the law. At this price though, you'll still feel like you got away with something.

  • Lab created Green Spinel 12mm x 23mm
  • 38 carats total weight Spinel
  • (110) roundlab created DiamondAura over 1 carat total weight
  • 18” with 2” extender box linkchain
  • O ring spring clasp
  • 925 Sterling silver
  • Pendant Measures 57mm x 25mmincluding the bail
  • 39 carats total weight

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