Scienza® Lab-created Emerald & DiamondAura® Gold-Finished Pendant

scienza® lab-created emerald & diamondaura® gold-finished pendant

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The gift that keeps on glimmering...

If you’re looking for a gift to make all her friends green with envy... if you’re looking for a gift that puts natural emeralds to shame... if you’re looking for a gift with a price that’ll save you some serious green...

You’ve found your gift.

Created using the same combination of intense heat and pressure that forms natural gems, Stauer is bringing you a dazzling lab-created Scienza® Emerald Pendant that is sure to make “going green” the best decision you’ve made all year.

Science has found a way to build a better emerald, a jewel as vivid as you’ve ever seen with flashes of gorgeous green that hint at the coming spring. Scienza emeralds are chemically identical to the natural gem in every way: color, sparkle, hardness, and composition. The one big difference is price. This gold-finished Pendant features a stunning Scienza lab-created emerald centerpiece surrounded by the sparkle of nearly 20 brilliant lab-created DiamondAura® rounds.

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  • (1)4mm x 8mm lab created marquise emerald
  • (20)1.25mm lab creadted roundbrilliant cut diamondaura
  • 1 ctw
  • chain not included
  • recommended # 17241

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