Silenda Rubellite Necklace

Silenda Rubellite Necklace

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Spy exposes Russian royal secrets

Take home the gem that’s rarer than rubies...

There’s been a man on the inside for a long time. He’s been acting as a trusted member of the royal entourage. He’s charming and smooth, and he’s seduced a woman or two in his tenure. He went completely unnoticed for decades, his true identity a secret to all who crossed his path. Until now.

How could someone infiltrate Russian high-society for so long? It’s simple. He looks the part perfectly. Nobody suspected a thing. But we’re not talking about an amazing act of espionage. The thrilling tale of rubellite is more like an inspiring act of elegance.

It’s true, many of the famous “rubies” in the 17th-century Russian Crown Jewels (even some which had been specifically gifted to Catherine the Great) have since been verified to be the radiant variety of tourmaline known as rubellite — the very same stunning stone at the center of our Silenda Rubellite Necklace.

But rubellite is much more than an impressive imposter. This fiery stone is treated like royalty in the gem world, a rare find and favorite of jewelry designers the world over. If you check online right now, you can find pieces similar to our Silenda Rubellite Necklace selling for as much as $16,000! A price tag that large requires a king’s (or in this case, a queen’s) ransom. That’s just not how we do things here at Stauer.

The Silenda Necklace has been crafted of only the finest .925 sterling silver, and is adorned with impressively intricate silver beadwork. The ornate setting and shoulders are lit by the intense brilliance of our lab-created DiamondAura® rounds as they rise toward the centerpiece: a faceted, oval cut rubellite stunner that seems to smolder with fire from within.

  • 18” length
  • Spring Ring clasp
  • Tarnish free sterling silver
  • (1) 6mm x 8mm ovalrubellite
  • (37) 1.5mm round lab created DiamondAura
  • 1 2/3 carats total weight

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