Sopresa Necklace

Sopresa Necklace

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Necklace with a secret

Our new Sopresa Necklace holds a secret — actually, three of them. At first glance, the Sopresa is an extra-long (34") strand of magnificently crafted imported glass pearls. But here’s the real surprise: the Sopresa is actually THREE necklaces in one. The crystal-beaded spheres between the strands separate with a gentle tug, leaving you with two necklaces of different-sized, ivory-white orbs, each 17" long. Hidden magnets in the spheres simply snap together and come apart. Choose one larger strand to go bold, six delicate strands if you’re feeling sophisticated or both together for the total package.

The brilliant artists who craft each bead on the Sopresa Necklace achieve a uniform size and shine that you simply can’t find in natural pearls. The traditional techniques used to craft this necklace were pioneered by the Italian glass masters of Murano in the 19th-century. That knowledge was passed between artists all over the world, and today, that ravishing final result can end up draped around your neck. The only choice for you: One necklace or three?

  • Glass Pearl Necklace
  • 34” total length
  • Breaks into two additional 17” longNecklaces at silver joints
  • Joints are Magnetic
  • Larger Glass Pearl Necklace is Double knotted
  • Multi-strand necklace has a total6 Strands
  • Crystal Accents
  • 152 grams

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