spectra scienza® ruby & diamondaura® ring w/ coupons

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Impossible to ignore

We know you noticed this ring, and we know the reason why. It was the deep, rich red that got your attention, wasn't it? Stop reading if we're wrong, or keep going to find out why we're right. Any physicist worth their white coat will tell you that red is the color with the longest wavelength of visible light. In plain English, this means it's the easiest color for your eyes to see, which is why you always notice it first. So any red will catch your eye, but it takes something special to get your full attention.

The vivid hue of the 5 ¾-carat lab-created ruby in this Spectra Ring is one of those special reds. The cut gives the color undeniable depth. We've surrounded the radiant red rectangle with the dazzle of our exclusive, lab-created DiamondAura®. Crafted of .925 sterling silver, the glittering frame pushes this ring over the edge and makes it impossible for people to look away. And if this ring caught your eye on the page, just imagine how much attention it will attract on your finger. Add the pendulous pair of matching 11 ctw Spectra Earrings and all eyes will be on you.

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