Stauer 45 Spider Necklace

stauer 45 spider necklace

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If you recognize this symbol... you rock

This is a necklace for the people who were there when rock and roll was born. In a previous century, before music could be transmitted magically through thin air, these mysterious discs numbered in the tens of millions. Boys and girls around the world would lock their bedroom doors and use it to commune with The King, The Fab Four and countless other demigods of pop culture. Known as a “spider,” the distinctive plastic discs could be popped into the opening of a 45 rpm single so that the record could be played on a turntable. If you wanted to hear the hot new single of the moment, you had to have one.

The halcyon days of our youth may be gone, but now men and women of a certain age can honor the music of their youth with the Stauer 45 Spider Necklace. Cast from an original 45 adaptor, this silver-finished pendant hangs from a sturdy 18" chain. Wearing it around your neck keeps those fond musical memories close and helps identify you as an honorary member of the generation that helped invent rock and roll.

  • 20" snake chain
  • Claw clasp
  • Silver plating over copper/brass
  • 30 gram weight
  • 25.4mm drop

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