Stauer Briton Watch

stauer briton watch

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Keep calm and Stauer on

Give yourself the ultimate British accent with a watch that delivers legendary luxury and precision

At first around the office, we were calling this watch"Little Ben." That seemed appropriate since its "father" was what many consider to be the most famous clock in the world, London’s Big Ben. But as time went on and we made the watch even more precise and unique, it took on a personality all its own. We decided to name it something even more classic, something that would embody the sense of pride and resolve that has made the people of England famous throughout history. And so we called it, The Briton.

Keep Calm and Carry On. Those words first appeared on a poster in England in 1939 and were meant to comfort and guide the citizens of that nation in the days leading up to World War II. But the posters were lost and remained unseen until the year 2000, when an original was discovered in a bookshop in North-West London. Since then, the message has become a celebrated representation of the British spirit. And it was the story of that famous phrase that inspired us to bring you The Briton.

Fit for Royalty. The Briton proudly exhibits some of the most enduring style elements of all time. The face was inspired by the fired-ceramic dials of classic antique timepieces. Hours are marked by Gothic Roman numerals, the same that are famously displayed on Big Ben. Its hands have been crafted in the elegant Breguet style. And, since Big Ben is known for its accuracy, the Briton is driven by an incredibly precise quartz movement that oscillates at 32,768 cycles per second. The watch secures with a genuine leather band. Fits wrists 7"– 9".

  • Quartz Movement
  • Battery: SR626W
  • 3ATM
  • Stainless Steel Case Back
  • Alloy Case
  • Case width: 38.2mm
  • Case thickness: 13mm
  • Case Dimensions:41mm x 38mm
  • Cotswold™ mineral crystal

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