stauer citrine handbag

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Time to get carried away

Nobody raves about beige. A gray bouquet won’t make anyone’s day. And the last time we checked, there was no off-white stripe in a rainbow. Color is best when it’s bright, bold, and impossible to ignore. That’s why once we designed these croc-embossed DeDullier™ Gemstone Handbags; we knew we were on to something.

Much like the Fauvist painters of the early 20th-century, once we saw how color could pop, we decided to make an explosion. They were called "the wild beasts of art history" for using color like no one had before. So we decided to follow their lead.

We know that true color connoisseurs crave more. That’s why we’d like to invite you to get carried away. Each stylish, croc-embossed DeDullier™ Gemstone Handbag features two sturdy handles, ample storage and gleaming, gold-toned hardware. Zippered interior pockets and a unique rotating clasp keep your valuables in place. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity. This is truly a deal of a different color!

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