Stauer Tioga Pocket Knife

Stauer Tioga Pocket Knife

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Survival is not a game show

Your great great grandfather would be shocked. Imagine telling him that today we fly people to remote islands and leave them there to fight, struggle and starve... in the name of entertainment. He’d think we were crazy. And he wouldn’t be that far off.

Back in his day, survival was not something you did for ratings. It was for real. You lived by your wits and relied on your tools. And any self-respecting, red-blooded American man had a knife in his pocket. The Stauer Tioga Pocket Knife would have fit right in. Fashioned after the workhorse classics of a bygone era, this hefty beauty features a burnt orange, cow bone handle and a quintet of sturdy, stainless steel blades.

Maybe all you’ll do is open packages, sharpen pencils and chop pepperoni. Nothing wrong with that. Or maybe you’re one of the "lucky" people who get abandoned in the Amazon and filmed for national television while you try to light a fire with sticks. Either way, you’re going to need this knife.

  • Bone handle
  • 161 grams
  • 4” body
  • (3) 3” blades
  • (2) 1 ¾” blades
  • Stainless steelblades

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