Stella Pink Pendant & Triple-strand Chain

stella pink pendant & triple-strand chain

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Blushing beauty breaks world record

Wear your very own version of the massive pink diamond that shocked the luxury gem world!

The Pink Star Diamond was destined for greatness. From the moment it was pulled from the earth in Africa, everyone knew this stone was something special. In terms of purity, it ranked among the top two percent of fancy colored diamonds in the world. After the richest man in Israel bought it, he spent two years carefully cutting and polishing it to perfection. The diamond debuted on the neck of a Danish supermodel in Monaco before landing at a New York auction house in November 2013, with an estimated sale price of 60 million. Five minutes after bidding began, it was all over. The precious pink stone fetched a final price of $83 million. A new world record.

Our 57 ½-carat Stella Pink Pendant and 18" Triple-strand Chain is a dazzling double of the record-breaking gem. Expertly crafted from lab-created DiamondAura®, this piece actually possesses more fire than the famous original. And to go the record-breaker one better, we framed our blushing beauty with a halo of 18 white lab-created DiamondAura rounds, each showcasing their own serious sparkle. The center stones are so similar that you would need a certified gemologist to tell them apart. But the best part of this deal is that you don’t need a fortune to fall in love. Today, your bidding starts, and stops, at this exclusive Stauer price!

  • Set includes Pendant and Triple Strand Chain
  • Tarnish Free .925 Sterling Silver
  • Pendant
  • (1)20.5mm x 27mm Star Cut lab created Pink DiamondAura
  • (18)4.75mmRound lab created White DiamondAura
  • (54)1.8mm Round lab created WhiteDiamondAura
  • 47.6mm Drop
  • 31.4mm Wide
  • 15.2mm Thick

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