sterling silver skull ring

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How to get ahead in life

We've all heard the old Latin term Carpe Diem, which suggests to us that we should Seize the Day. And we all know that it’s wonderful advice. But do we live our lives guided by that wisdom each and every instant? I’m sure we all try. But there are times when a gentle reminder is helpful. And in late 17th-century Europe, that’s just what skull-rings provided. Back then they were worn to be sure you were making the most of each moment you’ve got. Of course now, especially with the recent rise in pirate popularity, skulls are just a curiosity, a cool and fascinating image to include on an album cover or biker jacket. But no matter your reason for wanting our Skull Ring it will surely satisfy your need for what some might call a macabre memento.

Crafted entirely of sturdy .925 sterling silver, this ring is one substantial piece, only to be worn if you want it to be noticed. The relief details that rise above the darkened background are reminiscent of swirling tribal markings, and the lines of silver beadwork lead the eye to the focus on the ring. At the center, encircled by intricate silver ropework, what was once called a Deaths-Head skull (without the lower jawbone) stares out at you with a mischievous scowl.

  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • Available in size 8 – 13
  • 21 gram weight

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Skull ring

I just received my skull ring. It is a good fit, not heavy or cumbersome although it is a big ring. I appreciate it more in person than I did online. The picture online does not do the intricasy of the craftsmanship justice. Love the ring and will wear it proudly. Good job Stauer!


Philadelphia, PA.

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Sterling Silver Skull Ring Rocks

I received my skull ring on Dec. 27, 2011. I was very pleased with the intricate designs and the fit. The picturedoesnot do the actual look of the ring justice. Although the ring is big,it''s not cumbersome. I am very pleased with my purchase and appreciate the quality. Good job Stauer, I will be doing business with you again!

H. C.