stratford antique cut genuine diamond ring

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Shakespeare's Wedding Ring?

Inspired by a 600-year-old European design, the Stratford Diamond Ring boasts a stunning, antique-cut centerpiece.

Imagine a young William Shakespeare, wandering the streets of London in search of the perfect gift for his beloved. This is the sort of ring that would have said everything he wanted to say. Back then, romantics considered a glittering white gemstone the ultimate expression of affection. But genuine diamonds were reserved for royalty. The struggling artist could not afford to prove his love with a lavishly expensive diamond. So the poor guy wrote some really sweet poems instead.

Okay, we may have taken some creative license with the life of the Bard. But the inspiration for the Stratford Diamond Ring comes straight from the history books. Today, most recognize the 58-facet brilliant as the most popular diamond cut. It was a different story 600 years ago when the antique single-cut ruled the European gem world. The antique single-cut was a simple design with only 17-facets and a much wider table (the flat top of the stone) for letting in light. Gem cutters designed antique cuts to maximize brilliance and fire... literally. Since there were no electric lights, the broader facets helped capture the flickering glow of candles and gas lamps. Every ring made the most of mood lighting.

The single-cut diamond in the Stratford Ring is based on one of the earliest gem cuts that experts date back as far as the 12th century. The centerpiece is a single cut genuine white diamond, set in .925 sterling silver. The stone is encircled by a halo of smaller round diamonds that flicker and sparkle inside the vintage, oxidized setting. The band is layered in yellow gold and features a floral designed back that is common in older European rings.

You can easily find another diamond ring. What you won't find is another ring with this kind of character and the historic single-cut stone that launched a romantic revolution. In other words, a diamond ring by any other name... would not be as sweet.

  • 14 K Gold Plated
  • Single cut diamonds
  • Available in sizes 5 – 10
  • .925 sterlingsilver diamond surround
  • 1/3 carats total weight
  • 11mm diameter
  • 5.5mm high

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