the perly & star pendant set

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How to honor tears of joy

There is something magical about these pendants. Their classic looks hide a deeper meaning. When my wife and I walked to the lake by our house, she stopped and looked at her reflection in the water. She laughed at first. But, soon after, I saw tears roll down her face. Concerned, I asked what was the matter? “I was just reliving my childhood memories and how much fun I had with my family at the lake,” she said. Her tears hit the water and I saw a perfect droplet of three beads of water in graduating sizes splash up against the falling snow. In honor of those tears of joy, I designed these pendants of love.

The Perly Pendant and DiamondAura® Star Pendant Set is the perfect tribute of love to family, friends and ourselves. Three luminescent, white, organic rounds of the Perly Pendant remind us everyday of those things most important in life. The DiamondAura® Snowflake Pendant radiates from the center to create an eye-catching, fiery display that always lights the way with a heartwarming glow.

These are more than just pendants, they are celebration, they are appreciation and they are your way of cherishing the ones you love. And to help spread the love, you can get the Perly Pendant and the DiamondAura® Star Pendant at this exclusive Stauer price for a limited time.

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