titan la bella ruby & pearl earrings

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She’s your favorite work of art

Is she worth the brush of a Venetian master? The Renaissance was a time of incredible leaps in human achievement, and the arts were no exception. The high Renaissance period included the masterpieces of Michelangelo, Rafael, Leonardo da Vinci, and the master painter Titian. Referred to by colleagues as "the sun amidst small stars," Titian’s magnificent use of color would prove an inspiration not only for the painters of his day, but for all time. Likewise, Titian has inspired us to create a set of jewelry based on one of his most famous works, "La Bella." This portrait demonstrates the ideal beauty of the Renaissance age, and the subject’s face is perfectly framed by a set of earrings. It’s these stunning pieces from nearly half a millennia ago that Stauer has sought to recreate with our Titian "La Bella" Ruby and Pearl Earrings.

With rubies that draw attention to the woman’s mouth and pearls that seem to glow against the woman’s peach-colored skin, there can be no doubt that Titian knew the perfect way to adorn beauty—and who are we to argue? While corsets may have gone out of style, this jewelry is timeless. What better way to show the woman in your life that you think she’s worthy of a renaissance portrait. "La Bella," after all, means beauty.

  • 10 carats total weight
  • 15.5 grams
  • 55mm drop
  • French Wire
  • 9mm wide
  • (2) 10mm x12mm oval facet color enhanced ruby
  • (2) 12mm round shell pearl
  • 14K gold filledBrass
  • 14K gold finished French wire

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