Tizona  Men's Steel Ring

tizona men's steel ring

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Calling all “Men of Steel”

For the wandering soul that beats in your heart...

You’re standing in front of Tizona, the legendary sword carried into battle by El Cid. You are impressed by 41 inches of forged steel. You wonder how any ordinary man ever lifted a weapon this big, let alone fought with it. But El Cid was no ordinary man. The medieval hero vanquished the Moors from Spain with the help of his mighty blade.

Our Tizona Ring was not designed for the medieval battlefield. It belongs to the modern gentleman. But thanks to the steel it was crafted from, it shares a quiet strength and power with its historic namesake. The center of the rugged steel band is decorated with classic, Spanish flourishes, designed to catch the eye and suggest that your heart may be of steel, but you have the soul of a dreamer. Whole ring sizes 10-13 available.

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