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What to give when she’s least expecting

Surprise her with triplets... stunning Pink Tourmaline and Blue Topaz Trinity Rings layered in gold!

Ancient Romans believed that when a stork made a nest on your roof, you received everlasting love from Venus. Centuries later, the appearance of a stork took on a much different meaning. Northern European parents told their children that the great birds would scoop up babies from the marshes and deliver them to homes that wanted children. It was a little white lie that helped explain a complicated situation. But if you have kids, you know anything that makes life easier is welcome.

Our Pink Tourmaline and Blue Topaz Trinity Rings might not make life easier, but they will go a long way in making it sparkle more! Each is a special delivery of genuine gemstones set in gold-layered .925 sterling silver. The 3-stone design features a 1 ½-carat oval at the center, fit snugly inside an open-backed setting. On either side, we’ve set a glittering pear-cut stone. Each of the colored gems is prong-set and framed with a parade of shimmering white, lab-created DiamondAura® rounds that continues along the shoulders.

Together or individually, these are the perfect rings to celebrate a new arrival. Choose the soft hues of pink tourmaline layered in rose gold if it’s a girl. Or to mark the introduction of a new little man of the house, pick the blue topaz set layered in 14K yellow gold (decades ago, these color schemes were reversed and pink was considered a much more masculine hue). But you don’t need a newborn to appreciate the beauty of these rings. They shine just as spectacularly with or without the pitter-patter of tiny feet. If you really need a reason, any day will do. Engagements. Anniversaries. Ordinary weekdays. The arrival of bundles of joy this brilliant is always a welcome surprise!

  • 2 carats total weight
  • (1) 6mm x 8mm oval sky blue topaz
  • (2) 2mm x 3mm pearshaped sky blue topaz
  • (28) 1.5mm round DiamondAura
  • (25) 1mm round DiamondAura
  • available in sizes 5 – 10
  • Gold Plated over silver

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