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Building a better rainbow

The glory of a rainbow is really just an optical illusion. My physicist friend explained that light changes both speed and direction when it travels from one medium to another. When sunlight passes through air and then water droplets, as it does after a rainstorm, we see the light divided into its different frequencies. It forms that beautiful arc of colors that you just want to reach out and grab. But grabbing a rainbow is impossible...according to my friend, the physicist.

"How do you explain this?" I asked, showing him the magnificent combination of colors in our Tourmaline Rainbow Ring. He couldn't, of course, because he knows nothing about the magic and mystery of gemstones.

Our Tourmaline Rainbow Ring features 55 multi-colored tourmaline gemstones —weighing 5 ½ carats— set in a .925 sterling silver floral design. Each round glows with distinct color and flickers with 58 facets. The matching pendant also features 55 round multi-colored tourmaline gemstones, set in sterling silver with an 18" chain. This collection of naturally-colored gemstone is just as stunning as a rainbow. The only difference is that this Tourmaline Rainbow is no optical illusion.

  • Available in sizes 5 – 10
  • Tarnish free Sterling silver
  • (55) 3mm roundmulticolored Tourmaline
  • 5 ½ carats total weight
  • 26mm diameter
  • 11mm high
  • 9.14grams weight

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