Triptica Amethyst Bracelet (300 Ctw)

triptica amethyst bracelet (300 ctw)

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Why I stranded my wife on a desert island...

She asked for it. Not in so many words. But I’ve known her long enough to read between the lines. I’ve learned how to recognize an envious stare when I see one. The subject of my wife’s longing gaze? A guest at the Maldives resort where we celebrated our anniversary. More specifically, the woman’s bounty of amethyst. My wife wanted that bracelet. It was my job to get it.

Thankfully, it didn’t take a heist to make her happy. I knew there was work to do, but I went and got one of my own. And the deal... the deal was so good that I brought back extra carats and set our Stauer designers to work to create this beautiful bracelet just for you!

Our Triptica Amethyst Bracelet is a 300-carat collection of pure purple paradise! Each strand showcases dozens of smooth amethyst pieces, each uniquely colored, sized and shaped. It’s a cascade of royal color, from whispery translucent lilacs to deep midnight violets.

Giving a gift this gorgeous required some extra effort, so I rented a small boat. We motored from island to island looking for that perfect secluded spot. Once I found an empty lagoon, I pulled onto the beach and broke the news to my wife. We were stranded. Then, I gave her this amazing amethyst bracelet. And she couldn’t have looked happier.

  • 8 ½" length
  • 300 carats total weight
  • Strung on stretch thread

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