True Heart Pendant, Chain & Stud Earrings Set

True Heart Pendant, Chain & Stud Earrings Set

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Science makes the heart grow fonder

A spectacular symbol of love. Nothing is more important than making a great first impression. That’s why we chose the lab-created DiamondAura® True Heart Pendant and Stud Earrings Set. The necklace has one of jewelry’s most distinctive cuts, the heart shape, which absolutely explodes with brilliant light. Our designers set the 4⅓ carat, white DiamondAura centerpiece atop a unique "cage" setting of rhodium-plated, .925 sterling silver and surrounded it with a halo of 22 round-cut DiamondAura dazzlers. It’s easy to see why our clients are raving. You won’t find a clearer expression of true love!

This set includes DiamondAura® Stud Earrings. Lavish her lobes in luxury and watch her light up the room with our head-turning, DiamondAura Stud Earrings. Our stunning 1 carat (total weight) DiamondAura Stud Earrings are classic symbol of love and devotion. Each post-back earring features a ½ carat, lab-created DiamondAura round set in .925 sterling silver.

What is DiamondAura®? Gemologists have broken the code to create an impeccable lab-created stone with even more fire and better clarity than mined diamonds. In the laboratory, they found a way to match the brilliance of a diamond while avoiding the outrageous price. The complex laboratory process involves rare minerals heated to an incredibly high temperature of nearly 5,000°F inside some very modern and expensive equipment. Best of all, the science behind DiamondAura lets you indulge in large-carat luxury free from environmental (or political) concerns!

Better than mined diamonds. Our exclusive lab-created DiamondAura is hard enough to cut glass and retains every jeweler’s specification including color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. According to the book Jewelry and Gems - The Buying Guide the technique used in DiamondAura offers, "The best diamond simulation to date and even some jewelers have mistaken these stones for mined diamonds."

  • Set includes Pendant, Chain, and Studs
  • Pendant 4 5/8ctw
  • 18" sterling silverrope chain
  • 1ctw studs, 0.50ctw per ear

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Purchased the pendant. It is a pretty piece that I proudly wear upon occasion. The DiamondAura heart and rounds are very brilliant.


Lawrenceburg, TN