Victorian Iris Trinket Box

Victorian Iris Trinket Box

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To the Victorian go the spoils

She always knows just where it is. In a place of honor on her vanity sits the box where she keeps her favorite ring. While she’s filled box after box with the jewelry she’s accumulated over the years, this particular ring deserved a box of its own. That’s why I got her the Victorian Iris Trinket Box.

In the Victorian era, people would fill their homes with numerous trinket boxes that were often more ornate than the wares they stored. Inspired by these tiny masterpieces, we bring you the Victorian Iris Trinket Box. Covered in hand-enameled irises and jonquils, the box is constructed of bronze-finished pewter with a hinged lid, the perfect blend of beauty and durability. Now anytime she wants her favorite ring — if it isn’t already on her finger — she knows exactly where to look. Box measures 1 ¾" x 1 ¾" x 1"

  • 121 grams
  • 47mm x 45mm x26mm exterior
  • 37mm x 37mm x 17mm interior
  • magneticclosure
  • enameled

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