Vivica Leather Tote

vivica leather tote

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The bag that begs the question

Vivica is a member of the “old” fashion guard, though I’d never utter that three-letter word to her face. She considers it an expletive. A slur. That’s because her appetite for the latest style is insatiable. If it’s new, it’s “delicious” and if it doesn’t strike her fancy, she’ll tell you to ignore it because “something much more fabulous will come along in five minutes.” If I have any doubts about what “works” when it comes to fashion accessories, I send it to Vivica. Overnight with small box of champagne truffles (her weakness). I can usually expect an email reply by morning. “Delightful,” she wrote. “Decadent. Delicious. And the chocolates were pretty good too.”

We named this leather beauty in her honor, because this bag seemed as unique as the lady who blessed it. Luxury bags are status symbols that speak volumes about the woman on the other end of the handle. But exceptional bags can’t just coast on name recognition and retail price. They have to deliver. A great looking bag rises to the top, stands apart from the crowd and everywhere it goes, compels strangers to ask that triumphant, life-affirming question: “WHERE did you get that bag?”

  • genuine leather
  • 24cm high x 13cm deep x34cm wide
  • 14cm drop
  • zippered closure
  • 1zippered outer pocket
  • 2 zippered inner pockets
  • 1 open pocket
  • 1 cell phonepocket

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