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Wife discovers secret office romance… and she’s thrilled

I should have seen it coming. The luxury business is full of temptation. After months of international travel and long, lonely nights in some of the world’s most romantic cities... I was setting myself up for the fall. And I fell hard. When our designer showed me the Midnight Sapphire Collection, it was love at first sight. After he told me our exclusive low price, I knew this was more than just a fling.

The night she found out. I kept it from my wife for weeks, until our anniversary weekend in France. It was a clear summer evening and we stepped out onto the terrace for a look at the Paris skyline. I’m sure the Champs-Élysées glittered like a river of diamonds and the full moon blazed like a 100-watt bulb... but all I remember was her and her gorgeous drop of midnight sapphire. It sparkled like no other dark blue stone I’d ever seen.

Don’t be afraid of the dark. The Midnight Sapphire Drop Earrings feature a dangerously dark dollop of genuine sapphire, a faceted pear that weighs in at an amazing 12 carats! Look closely and you can see that we’ve even added some opulent accents to these genuine, dark blue Midnight Sapphire Drop Earrings that dance from gold-fused hooks. Even the French hooks are adorned with 1-carat sapphire beads, Bali spacers and lustrous, vanilla freshwater pearls.

A once-in-a-blue-moon deal. It’s no secret that sapphire jewelry has been a favorite of the world’s most powerful and privileged for centuries. The blue gem was a staple in the opulent collections of emperors, kings and maharajahs. As long as you commanded a vast and wealthy kingdom, affording large-carat sapphires was not a problem. Everyone else was out of luck.

Turn your luck around. Thanks to this incredible 12-carat Midnight Sapphire Drop Earrings, we’ve turned your luck around. One dozen carats of bold, natural blue sapphires, two lustrous cultured pearls and a 14K gold-fused French hooks — we guarantee a night to remember. Whether you’re headed for the social event of the year, or a romantic dinner for two, we know that the Midnight Sapphire Collection will light up the night.

  • (2) 12mm x 8mm Pear Shaped Dyed sapphire 10 carat total weight
  • (2) 3-4mm roundshaped dyed sapphire 2 carats total weight
  • (4) 3-4mm round shaped fresh waterpearls
  • 12 carats total weight
  • Gold fused
  • 1 ¾” length
  • French Wire

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