Stauer Rose Gold-Finished Moon Phase Watch

stauer rose gold-finished moon phase watch

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Moon Lands on Man!

One small step for Stauer, one great watch for you!

When Galileo Galilei turned his telescope towards the Moon in 1609, he relied on his knowledge of light and shadow learned as a painter to understand the movements of the heavenly orb. We relied on that same pairing of art and science to create one of our most complicated and beautiful movements yet. Our Moon Phase Watch includes a separate window that showcases the current phase of the Moon.

Moon’s month is at odds with our calendar. A lunar month is 29.53 days, so a Moon-phase watch needs to keep time in two totally different ways. That’s why antique watch collectors are always quick to bid on this type of complex lunar movement. You’ll find them among the rarest and most expensive vintage watches ever sold at auction. Not long ago, one of the most important moon-phase timepieces fetched an incredible $5.7 million! Our goal was to create a timepiece more accurate and affordable than its ancestors. As you can imagine, an offer this good on a watch this spectacular cannot last forever.

We put so much effort into perfecting the mechanics behind this watch, but we didn’t forget the aesthetics. The Moon Phase Watch boasts three different complications set in the guillochéed face: a standard monthly calendar, a day of the week indicator, and the moon phase display. Its rose gold-finished case features a hobnail-pattern bezel and a crocodile-embossed, genuine brown leather strap adds the final luxurious detail.

  • Movement: Quartz
  • Case: Rose Gold
  • Dial: Moon Phase
  • Case: Rose Gold-finished
  • Back: Solid
  • Face Diameter: 41mm
  • Displays: Day, Moon Phase and Date
  • Water Resistant: 3 ATM
  • Fits Writs: 6 ¾" to 8 ½"
  • Band: Croc Embossed Leather
  • Band Length: 9 ½"
  • Band Thickness: 9mm
  • Band Width: 22mm
  • Case thickness:10.77mm

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Nice watch

Just received this watch....What a bargain! I used a Stauer coupon that I got with a previous watch and so this ended up costing me less than a Timex at Wallmart would have cost.Attractive watch and I am pleased with it.


Space Coast, FL

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Its different

Though I am not unhappy with my watch, mine is different than the one in the picture, in my case, the bezel is yellowish instead of white (like the in the picture), and also the hands of mine are gold colored while the one in the picture the hands are black or of a dark. I would be happier if my watch was exactly as the one in the picture.


San Francisco, CA

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Great Time Piece

I bought this watch in Deecember this year, and it has proven to be a fine accurate timepiece. I asked a friend how much he thought I paid for it and he answered, "About 400 to 500 dollars."He was amazed and I told him t go to your web site. This is the second watch I have purchased and I am pleased with your service and quality.

H. J T.

Herkimer, NY 13350