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How does she look in HD?

To answer that question in the late 18th century, you might have turned your back to her. Today that sounds like a dangerous move. But during that time people were viewing the beauty of the natural world by facing away from it. Using a device called a Claude Glass, they'd turn in the opposite direction of whatever they were viewing, and look at its reflection, believing that incredible landscapes and other marvels were made even more striking in the smoky tinting of the mirror.

Obviously, the next time she asks, "How do I look?" don't turn your back on her. She won't appreciate it. But you don't need a device to know she's the most beautiful thing on the planet anyway. That doesn't mean she wouldn't appreciate something reflective... and refractive. And there's nothing that puts on a better display of light than the DiamondAura® in our Clarité Earrings.

The two cushion-cut DiamondAura stunners in these earrings are truly something to behold. Every facet flickers and flashes with light, actually exceeding the fire of mined, flawless diamonds. Delicately set in shimmering .925 sterling silver, the center stones are accented by 62 sparkling DiamondAura rounds, bringing the total to 20 ⅓ carats of impressive white brilliance. This is the kind of beauty you don't turn your back on!

  • 20 1/3 carat total weight
  • 1 1/3” drop
  • 11mm wide
  • Lever back
  • (2) 16mm x 8mmcushion cut lab created DiamondAura
  • (60) 1.75mm round lab created DiamondAura
  • (2) 3mm round lab created DiamondAura

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