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You’ve crossed the line

Every four years or so, for no particular reason, I get the urge to be an athlete. But of course, truth is, it’s not for “no particular reason.” It’s for a very specific and obvious reason. Every four years, same as a lot of other people, I catch Olympic Fever. It’s an interesting infection of the spirit that makes my heart race and my mind clamor for competition. But at my age, competition is usually an internal battle. It’s up to me to beat my best 10K time, or to be sure I cross the line at all. One of the ways I’m going to be sure I do that is by using the right tools. That’s why, from now on, I’m not going to work up a sweat without bringing along my new training partner: the Stauer Torch Stopwatch.

This is not your ordinary stopwatch. Not only does it measure elapsed time all the way up to 9 hours and 59 minutes. But it’s got a 300-lap memory for timing multiple intervals or competitors. It can also calculate the fastest, slowest, and average lap times from that memory, so your workouts can finally reach their finely-tuned potential. And with sleep mode and an automatic backlight function, there’s no time when the Torch isn’t useful. So go ahead and lace up those running shoes. After training with the Stauer Torch you might not be ready for the Olympics, but that finish line is sure to be in reach.

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