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Make it a one knight stand

Suit up with our stainless steel Chivalry Collection!

Once upon a time in Europe, men of principle and courage roamed the land. Medieval knights carried swords and shields and feared nothing. Just because America missed out on the age of chivalry doesn’t mean you can’t make up for lost time. Thanks to the Chivalry Collection, you can still show off some shining armor. Slip on the Chivalry Shield Pendant with chain and you’ll stand a little taller and walk with more conviction. Knights of the age displayed crosses on their flags, clothing and most notably on their shields. This pendant recalls the design of “heater shields” carried by warriors of the 13th century.

The Chivalry Cross Ring features bold designs in a blackened patina that echo graphics displayed by legendary European warriors. The patonce-style cross features three “petals” at the end of each arm representing faith, wisdom and chivalry. Its four arms represent the mission of knights to spread these principles to the four corners of the world. It’s big, bold and regal. Wear it like you mean it.

These polished pieces aren’t as bulky as the armor worn by knights of old, but every bit of extra metal helps. Wear it knowing that you’re paying tribute to a centuries-old tradition. So what if all the dragons are vanquished? There are still maidens in this world that need defending. There are kingdoms to protect. Honor to uphold. In short, the work of a knight is never done.


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