Chromo Fluorite Necklace & Ring Set

Chromo Fluorite Necklace & Ring Set

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Scientists baffled by amazing color changing gem

Step into the light and experience the extraordinary, chameleon-like charm of color-changing fluorite!

Decision-making is hardest when there's no wrong answer. How do you choose between two top-rated restaurants, two five-star movies or two perfectly tailored suits? Whichever one you go with, you're leaving a perfectly good option behind. You can't eat at both restaurants at once, watch two movies at the same time, or wear two suits simultaneously.... But believe me when I tell you that you CAN have a gemstone that's two completely different colors and each equally magnificent.

This exciting option is NOT a scientific discovery. It's just good old Mother Nature working her magic again to produce the amazing color change fluorite gemstone. Under incandescent light, the stone is a deep violet purple hue that you can get lost in. Under fluorescent light, the stone is a vivid blue that will make you take a step back. That's two incredible colors in one stone, which we've set in gold-finished, sterling silver to create the Chromo Fluorite Collection. How does this happen? We have no idea. Even the top gemologists are stumped. But as long as this jewelry turns heads, we're happy for Mother Nature to keep it a mystery.

  • 1 ring
  • 1 neceklace
  • 28 carats total weight
  • gold finished sterling silver

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