5-Stone Diamondaura Ring

5-stone diamondaura ring

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One is the loneliest number

You’ve probably heard legends of India’s infamous Maharajahs, indulgent royalty who lounged in gilded palaces, positively swaddled in precious gems and perfect pearls. Extravagance at its most vulgar. Today that flair for the dramatic shows up on the streets of Europe in the form of diamond-studded cellphones, $30,000 handbags and quarter-million-dollar sports cars. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of more understated opulence.

Take our stunning 5-Stone DiamondAura® Ring, a classy, elegant alternative for those special occasions when a lonely solitaire will not suffice. The 5-Stone Ring features a quintet of round-cut, lab-created DiamondAura, prong-set in the finest .925 sterling silver. The 2 1⁄3 carats of dazzling DiamondAura form a brilliant band of fiery facets and impeccable geometry.

Thanks to years of research and millions of investment dollars, we are able to emulate the world’s most beautiful natural diamonds without the outrageous cost. This means that you’re free to flaunt a gorgeous piece of bling, secure in the knowledge that you didn’t have to take out a second mortgage to impress the masses.

  • (5) diamondaura Stones
  • .925 Sterling Silver

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DIAMONDAURA 5 stone ring

This ring is great.I mean great for more then the brightness the sparkle, design and price.Its great because it passed my testing.I have worn this ring every day,since I bought it 9 months ago.Yes in 9 months,I have washed dishes,kids did garden work swam,bathed cleaned house,all with and without gloves and ladies this ring still looks great.Don't do what I did, but do buy this ring.Its all Stauer said it is and much more.I had to prove to my husband that Stauers Diamondaura looks and wears just like a diamond.Well I proved it.LOL


Indianapolis ,In

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My fiance (now husband) surprised me when he proposed to me with this adorable ring. I was too surprised to say a word initially as the stones seemed to speak to me. I have done everything with this ring for over a month now (Since March, 2014)and the stones still speaks my husband's undying love to me each moment in crystal clear terms.

Thank you Stauer, for finding the stones that speaks my husband's language.


Lagos, Nigeria