Spartan Legends Ring

spartan legends ring

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Prepare for battle

Here’s an interesting fact: Unlike many cities in ancient Greece, Sparta did not have walls. Why not? They didn’t need them. "Our men are our walls," was the famous saying. And once you realize that those "men" were the legendary warriors of the Spartan Army, you can understand why citizens felt safe.

Obsessed with discipline, strength and military power, the Spartans were masters of combat. They lived to fight and fought to live. That’s why our Spartan Legends Ring makes Super Bowl rings look like costume jewelry. When it comes to genuine toughness, Sparta is still the gold standard. And they always will be.

The Spartan Legends Ring recreates the look of a Spartan helmet with its distinctive visor and prominent cheek plates. And it’s crafted out of bronze, the same metal used for Spartan helmets, shields and armor more than 3000 years ago. Italian artists have even incorporated "battle damage" to give it the authentic look of a historic artifact.

  • Made in Italy
  • Bronze
  • 19.4 grams
  • 26.8mm wide
  • 7.4mm high

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