A Message from the President

I've always seen Stauer as much more than just a catalog or a website. In fact, I'd rather you think of us as your personal shoppers for the rare, the beautiful, the innovative and the outrageous deal. The world is full of unique and beautiful treasures, but you can't get to all of them on your own. With Stauer's help, you never have to leave your living room. We'll deal with the airport delays, jet lag and bumpy back roads in order to bring you back the very best.

Throughout the coming year, I promise to keep you updated and informed about our extensive travels, archaeological excursions and worldwide searches for jewelry, art, antiquities and vintage watches. Our mission at Stauer has always been to offer the finest watches, jewelry and luxury items at extraordinary prices.

I learned long ago that to find the best deal, I had to go straight to the source. If the most exquisite lava cameos are carved in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, then I head for the Amalfi Coast. If Bali's most talented silversmith prefers to discuss business on the beach, then I pack extra sunscreen. And to become an expert on our Swiss-made precision chronographs, I need to go to Geneva and assemble one myself.

Lately, I’ve been in Belgium to buy raw diamonds and soon I’ll be back in Australia to pick-up a few pearl bargains. In this economy, we are able to negotiate more aggressively than ever before. And you are the one who gets to reap the rewards.

Once again, thank you for your continued support. Thank you for your discriminating taste. And thank you for choosing Stauer.


Michael Bisceglia President - Stauer
Michael Bisceglia
President - Stauer


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