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10K Rose Gold Purple and White Sapphire Ring

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10K Rose Gold Purple and White Sapphire Ring

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Sapphire's royal coronation

Sapphires are among the most exciting gems for collecting. Though known for its traditional blue hues, this variety of corundum offers an incredible spectrum of options. Purple sapphire is one such enticing choice. This rare jewel provides collectors the chance to own a seductive plum colored gemstone that combines the excellent durability of sapphire with the rich decandent color of purple amethyst.

Purple sapphires are far rarer than more traditional blue sapphires. Found primarily in Madagascar, the rocky landscape makes traditional machine mining methods impossible. Instead, the more laborious physical mining is employed. For every single carat of purple sapphire found, miners move approximately 50 tons of earth. Well worth the effort we think. You can own almost a carat and a half of this radiant rare gemstone, set in rose gold and flanked by white sapphires for an exclusive Stauer price that’s just as rare.