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14K Gold Opal & Diamond Ring

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14K Gold Opal & Diamond Ring

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The original opal

Luxury of mythical proportions... kaleidoscopic Ethiopian opals and fiery white diamonds

Wherever there are opals, there are magnificent mythologies explaining how opals were created. The Hindu tradition tells the oldest of these stories, as well as the likely origin of the word opal, because it gave us the Sanskirt word “upala,” meaning precious stone. In Hindu legend, the original “upala” was created when the Mother Goddess saw that the Virgin Goddess of the Rainbow was being pursued by gods Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu.

To protect the Virgin Goddess of the Rainbow, the Mother Goddess transformed her into a perfect opal gemstone, keeping her rainbow colors safe and pure for eternity. 

This ring showcases opals from Ethiopia, recognized among the top tier sources of high-end opal gemstones and renowned for exceptional color play. Ample carats of Ethiopian opal are framed by fiery white diamonds, which serve to heighten the experience and add an extra layer of luxury. When you wear this ring, you become part of the ancient mythology, and add your own stylish chapter to the story.