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14K Italian Gold Lab-Created Diamond Abraccio Collection

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14K Italian Gold Lab-Created Diamond Abraccio Collection

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Are you ready for a miracle?

Made in Ialy

Things are about to get unbelievably amazing. Forget everything you know about diamonds. The expense. The price fixing. The ethical conflicts. We have the perfect solution to affordable, feel-good, off-the-charts beautiful romance. 

Mined diamonds, while considered the ultimate romantic gemstone, are expensive and come with a few ethical concerns. What if we told you, that through the brilliance of science we can now create genuine diamonds that are more ethical, sustainable, affordable, and yes, even more beautiful than their mined counterparts. Cross our hearts. 

These scientifically-created diamonds are one hundred percent pure carbon and have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds, and are graded the exact same way–– because after-all, they are in every way, diamonds. But what sets them apart is they are ethically grown, making them conflict-free with minimal impact to the environment. 

Now, marry the diamond with a conscience with the best gold design in the world, and you have the ultimate gift of romance.  Italians are world renowned for their stunning goldwork. There is simply no substitute for their design and craftsmanship. In the Abraccio Collection, 14K Italian gold oval rings with matte and diamond cut finishes embrace SI1 grade lab-created diamond rounds. And, you can rest assured we acquire the best organic diamonds from a reputable source. You are guaranteed authenticity of the highest standard. 

The other miracle here is the price. But we have a way with miracles around here, and sharing them is the best part. 

  • Set includes Pendant, Chain, and Earrings
  • made in Italy
  • Each stone is1.75mm lab-created Diamond, equivalent to F/VS1 clarity
  • 14K Italian Yellow Gold setting
  • Pendant: 18x13mm
  • Earrings: 25x13