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14K White Gold Red Emerald & White Sapphire Ring

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14K White Gold Red Emerald & White Sapphire Ring

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Alter egos

Precious red emerald & sapphire reveal a beautiful yet unexpected side of their personalities

We tend to associate “green” with emeralds and “blue” with sapphires. However, nature has a way of releasing a whole other side of these precious gemstones personalities.

Under very specific environmental conditions emeralds (a member of the beryl family) and sapphires (hailing from the corundum lineage) can achieve quite a range of colors. Needless to say, they are more rare than their more predict-able cousins.

Here, we’ve showcased the passionate red side of emeralds and the pristine white personality of sapphire in a beautiful Art Deco inspired setting.

A particularly meaningful gift to give to that special someone who keeps you infatuated with their ability to surprise and delight you with the unexpected. even more, the center stone is framed in sparkling white rounds of the Ultimate Diamond Alternative®, DiamondAura®.