14K YG Green Goddess Helenite Ring

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14K YG Green Goddess Helenite Ring

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The Stone That Makes Even the Emerald Green With Envy

Over 23 total carats of gorgeous green Helenite

“Nothing greens greener,” is how Roman historian Pliny the Elder described emerald gemstones in his “Natural History” text. But that was 2,000 years before, when the raw volcanic materials that would form Helenite were still brewing in the belly of Mount St Helens in the Pacific Northwest. The volcano finally erupted in 1980, filling the sky with fire. Soon after, we discovered that its explosive contents could form a powerfully green new stone, known as Helenite. 

Had Pliny the Elder laid eyes on Helenite he would surely be tempted to rewrite his history.

The Green Goddess Ring showcases Helenite in all its glory. This generous American-grown 23 carat stone is prong set with just a sprinkling of scientifically-grown DiamondAura®, and its diamond cut invites plenty of light to play off the verdant shade inside the stone. 

Over 23 carats of green perfection that keeps the green in your wallet. Helenite’s vivid color and immaculate clarity rivals mined emeralds that can sell for as much as $15,000 a carat. In fact, clear green color in a stone this size is rarely found in emeralds, and if so it would be prohibitively expensive. Instead, you can own this stop-and-stare beauty called “American’s Emerald” for less than you’d spend on a fancy dinner.

  • 23 1/3 carats total weight
  • (1)15x27mm Fancy cut Green Helenite, 23 1/3ctw
  • (10)Round lab-created DiamondAura Accents
  • 14K Yellow Gold Setting
  • Available inwhole sizes 5-10