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14K YG Vittoria Amethyst Collection

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14K YG Vittoria Amethyst Collection

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Poetry in motion

Amethyst & Italian design speaks 
to the heart with a price that 
makes it hard to refrain

We could all use a little more poetry in our lives, especially when it comes in the form of precious gemstones and Italian craftsmanship.

Vittoria Colonna was a major poet and religious thinker of the Italian Renaissance. Although admired for her love sonnets and religious poems, she is most famous for her friendship with Michaelangelo, who revered her. He once wrote to her “Without wings, I fly with your wings; by your genius I am raised to the skies, in your soul my thought is born.” The lady had a way about her, there’s no doubt. 

And, undoubtedly you have someone in your life who has a way about her too. She deserves the best. And, we have the best right here. The Vittoria Amethyst Collection is a celebration of genuine gemstones in Italian gold design. Genuine amethysts– the royal gemstone– is joined by the oldest gemstone on Earth, white zircon. The rose faceting on the amethyst rounds is exquisite and the color is divine. And, white zircon has the highest refractive index of all white gemstones. These two treasures are joined together by Italian artisans in 14K yellow gold. 

If we could bring a page of Italian Renaissance poetry to life, this collection would be it. In fact, don’t be surprised if the act of giving it results in an overwhelming urge to pen a verse or two.

Collection includes: Pendant, Chain & Earrings

  • Set includes Pendant, Chain, & Earrings
  • 1 1/3ctw Pendant
  • (1)6mm Brio cutNatural cut Amethyst, 1ctw
  • (16)1.5mm round White Zircon Accents
  • 14K Yellow GoldSetting
  • 16x19mm Pendant
  • 1 grams
  • 18" Chain
  • 2 2/3ctw Earrings
  • (2)6x6mm Brio cutNatural Amethyst, 1ctw each
  • (32)1.5mm round White Zircon
  • 14K Yellow GoldSetting
  • 9.2mm Diameter
  • 2 grams
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