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18K White Gold Ruby & Diamond Earrings

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18K White Gold Ruby & Diamond Earrings

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Only a handful of gem cutters have mastered the art of invisible settings. We found one.

Avant-garde jewelers in Paris embraced the idea of “invisible set” jewelry, where the gemstone is truly showcased with all prongs and mountings ingeniously hidden. This is no small feat. Each gem has to be not only grooved but also faceted precisely to fit snugly against another for their unique position in the design motif. The invisible setting creates an astonishing, magnified sparkle that radiates from across the room.

Our 18K White Gold Ruby & Diamond Blossom Earrings celebrate the invisible setting at its finest. Rubies inspire the kind of adoration that other gems can only dream about. What else would you expect when dealing with one of the rarest of all precious stones?

Only the finest clarity and color rubies can be used in invisible set jewelry; if there are any flaws at all the stones cannot be used. Here, square-cut, invisibly set rubies form perfect petals, while white diamonds create sparkling centers. This is pure uninterrupted beauty. There’s just no other way to see it.