1901-1909 Indian Head Penny Mens Ring

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1901-1909 Indian Head Penny Mens Ring

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Find a penny

Genuine Indian Head Penny.

Pick it up! And all day long you'll have good luck. Especially if that penny is a an Indian Head from the early 1900s, and double especially if that coin is in good condition. Indian Head pennies were widely used from 1859 to 1909 and, in the majority of cases, the intricate headdress design was slowly but surely worn down as the coin changed hands over and over.

But, in rare cases, the coin either lived a charmed life or was well cared for and has survived a century or more in good condition. Those coins are hard to come by. Which is exactly why we went out and found some — original 1901-1909 Indian Head pennies, now well over 100-years old, but in good condition and with the design clearly visible in all its detail and glory.

To make sure there's no chance of it becoming loose change, we forged it into a setting of gold- and rhodium-finished sterling silver. This well-preserved piece of history at this exclusive price, which means there's no excuse not to pick it up.

  • Genuine 1901-1909 Indian Head penny
  • Gold & rhodium-finished .925 sterlingsilver setting
  • 19mm Coin
  • 14 grams
  • Available in whole sizes 8 – 14