3 Gifts for Her

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3 Gifts for Her

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Triple the Joy!

Cheswick Earrings 

These knockouts are sure to be instant classics. The Cheswick Earrings are luxuriously set in sterling silver with our brilliant blue lab-created DiamondAura• teardrops that shimmer with a deep color and stunning clarity.

Normally found only in the legendary sapphires of Kashmir, but advanced science makes it possible to create these remarkable stones in the lab. Only Stauer gives you the chance to experience the look and feel of million-dollar gems... at our exclusive price that won’t leave your wallet feeling blue!


Amelia Ruby Ring

Love is about finding the right chemistry. So it’s not surprising the red beauties in the Amelia Ring were born in a lab and created with heat and chemistry. 

Our Scienza® rubies are scientifically-grown using precise equipment that recreates the high pressure and heat that nature uses. These Scienza stones are chemically identical to the natural gemstones and display a better color and sparkle than most mined stones without the enormous price tag.


Geode Pendant

Our Geode Pendant was inspired by the flow of ancient lava and the throbbing of powerful volcanoes that formed its colors and patterns. No gemstone is more creatively striped and layered than agate, and once cut, the banded beauty reveals shimmering druzy crystals that tell the tale of its environmental journey.

  • Set includes Geode Pendant, Amelia Ruby Ring, & Cheswick Earrings