3 Gifts for Him

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3 Gifts for Him

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Triple the Joy!

Jasper Pendant & Chain

Historically, jasper was considered a sacred and powerful protection stone. Wearing a hand-carved arrowhead, as a talisman around your neck, was a symbol of protection, courage and strength. Now, we can’t confirm or deny the powers of jasper, but one thing is for certain the Arrowhead Pendant hits the mark in craftsmanship, making the valid point that handmade artisan jewelry shoots down mass produced jewelry every time. 


Rock Band Bracelet

Remember the wild man of your youth? He’s still in there. He’s got big responsibilities, so you keep him in check. But that doesn’t mean you can’t strap on the Rock Band and remind yourself what it feels like to take on the world. Genuine black leather, with stainless steel inlay, in a style that says, “Don’t wait up.” 


Stauer Metropolis Chronograph

The Metropolis is ready to save the day with both digital and analog timekeeping. It’s ready to save you money too, defeating overpriced watches both in looks and in performance.

  • Set includes Stauer Metropolis Chronograph, Rock Band, and Jasper Pendant andchain