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40" Hinwick Hare Walking Stick

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A fine head of hare

It began with monarchs and presidents, but by the start of the 20th century every gentleman worthy of the name carried a walking stick. Today, these refined accessories are beloved by collectors and can easily fetch tens of thousands of dollars, with the decorative handles being the biggest draw and adding the most value. Increasingly, these canes are also returning to public life, with the longing for a more civilized age.

The Hinwick Hare Walking Stick was designed, created and crafted in the style of those ornamental, collectible canes, but built to be used every day. The black lacquer-finished wooden body is sleek and stylish, and once you grip it you’ll under-stand that this is no hollow imitation. Envious onlookers’ attention will be drawn to the carefully crafted handle, where a silver-finished hare’s head design sits proudly and alertly. The intricacies of fine metalwork render the hare’s head in striking detail, and make this beauty look like it belongs behind glass.

  • 40" Length
  • Imported eucalptus wood
  • Silver-finished Brass Handle
  • Rubber tipped
  • Supports up to 250lbs